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Get an in depth look into what went into enhancing a few of our client's brands.

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Krista is a fitness coach and healthy lifestyle influencer in Norfolk, VA.

Logo Design + Brand Board



To provide Krista with an image based logo that perfectly depicts her overall essence. She came to us with the vision of an illustrated caricature of herself with orange and blue incorporated somehow. The logo that was created represents Krista to the fullest: bright, fun, stunning, and strong! From that, we then created a brand board for her to help her maintain consistency throughout her brand.

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After the researching, brainstorming, and landing on a basic concept that can be re-shaped as needed, we like to provide our clients with at least 3 options to choose from. In this case, since Krista already knew that she wanted an illustration of herself, it really came down to the typography and color hues. 

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Initial design options =)

We agreed that the bottom design was the best one. We switched out the blue shade for a lighter option and moved on to the brand board!


Elements of a typical brand board include: the main logo, alternative logos, specific colors and fonts used, inspirations, and mockups of branded marketing, web, or print material. 

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Krista review


Krista Price, Norfolk, VA

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A healthy food service based in the DMV

Brand Identity + Product Development



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Chef Big C, Virginia


To ideate, and create an eye catching, purposeful, identity for a very new health and wellness food service brand. We were given full freedom to do what we do best. With aesthetics and his budget in mind, we just wanted to create something that would remain timeless.

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Company logo

Truck Logo

When people think of fresh foods, it makes them think of clean, green living. This is the reason a lot of brands with health in mind have logos with green elements in them. With this in mind, we decided on light green and a strong bold yellow would represent DCS Family Food Service well. We kept that same energy for the Creative Control logo and truck design. 

The truck needed a custom design to stand out from the rest as well as a fresh, new menu. We decided to incorporate motivational and inspiring, bold type faced words and phrases, using green, yellow, and white against a black background.  Below is a render of the truck.

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Smoothie Bowl Menu


Next the truck had to be painted. The very talented artist over at Mural Spot Studios was hired for the task. 

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Now that the truck was ready to hit the road, it was time to promote it. The next task was to create an entertaining, creative, and fun ad to let everyone know Creative Control is in town. An animated video to create the right buzz was the perfect solution. The concept was based around them receiving their new truck design from us and hitting the DC metropolitan streets.

We then created business cards and merch for Big C and his employees to pass out and sell. The animated characters were used here as well.

dcs creative control business card side
dcs creative control business card side
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Award winning chef hosting cooking classes, birthday parties, good eats, and sweet treats.

Brand Updates + Web Design + Product Development



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“BREEZE ART is magnificent. Their designs has made my business 10 times more amazing. They are super creative. They way they work with my business is extremely professional. I tell them my vision or my plan and they execute it fantastically. Breezeart is such a phenomenal blessing to my business and many others. Thank you.”

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Chef Simone Bridges, Jacksonville, FL


To provide Simone with fast, reliable graphic design to help expand her rapid growing business. As an already established business owner, Simone has very specific requests and we are here to execute them in a timely manner while providing top quality end results.

Simone's brand identity was already strong before coming to us. She just needed a few updates as she had begun her brand at a very young age. As she grows as a person, she also wants her brand to grow. That meant new products, better ways of getting the products to her customers, more social media engagement, more marketing materials, and more efficient ways to book her services. The main task at hand was to revamp her website. We switched her over from her previous hosting site to Wix. Through experience, we've found Wix to be a bit more user friendly on the back end. 

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We created a sweets menu for her that incorporates her signature colors and a new signature font. 

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Two common design elements that we incorporated in many of our works for Simone is blue to pink gradient and colored tape.

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Fun, positive, and girly were our instructions! All of the product designs we've created  for GFF are made with smart, and kind little girls in mind.

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All t-shirts, bedding, accessories, and 'other home goods created are integrated via sites like or for easy dropshipping.